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Joe at Starmount High School

Recent picture of Joe while speaking to an 11th grade English class at Starmount High School in Yadkin County, NC near where Joe grew up on a farm.










































































































































































Joe's Books:

Heritage Series

Book 8: Brown Heritage (1760—1960)

The story of my hero, my Grandpa, James Henry Brown and his Grandpa, Henry James Brown. The Brown clan is traced back to the mid 1700's. Grandpa Henry went to live with his Grandpa when he was six years old and then inherited an 88 acre farm in 1897 when Grandpa Henry James died. A 12 year old boy had a farm. Grandpa worked hard and enjoyed the good, plain, simple life. Grandpa was our favorite Storyteller.- $15.00

Prequel to Memories: Farm Days, Farm Ways.


Book 23: Brown Ancestors Braun Abstammung (1430—2012)

Brown Ancestors cover

Brown Ancestors is the story of the Brown (Braun) family going back to 16 Great Grandpa Adam Braun in 1430 AD in Germany. It covers 6 Great Grandpa Stephen Braun and his family coming to America in 1738. Our line goes on through 5 Great Grandpa Jacob Brown 'The Wagon Maker'. The family came to Rowan County, North Carolina in the mid 1750's. -
$ 20.00

Prequel to Brown Heritage.


Groce - Gross Ancestors cover

Groce-Gross Ancestors is the story of the Groce, Gross, LeGros, DeGros family going back to Germany, France, England, Neustria (Belgium), Roman Empire, Netherlands, Denmark, Bibb, Greece and Macedonia. It covers our 5 Great Grandpa Simon Gross and his brother, Theobald Gross, who came to America in 1741. The Gross family came south in the 1760's, settling in Surry County, North Carolina in the Bald Knob, Fox Knob section. We also cover the Ray, Swaim, Messick, Renegar and Sisk families. - $ 20.00

Prequel to Memories: Farm Days, Farm Ways.

Book 9: Proctor Heritage (1673—1970)

The story of my sweet Grandma Proctor who made the best biscuits in the whole world. The Proctor clan is traced back through the Vestal, the Ayers and the Whitaker families to the late 1600's in London, England. Times were rough on the farm. Grandma had three sons in Europe in World War II. We have so many good memories of Grandma Proctor. - $15.00

Prequel to Memories: Farm Days, Farm Ways.

Book 24: Proctor Ancestors (1050—2012)

The story about the Proctor, Vestal, Ayers and Whitaker families going back to the Tenth Century in Europe. The Proctor family and the Whitaker family has roots in England, while the Vestal family and the Ayers family were from France and on to England before coming to America in the 17th century. - $20.00

Prequel to Proctor Heritage.

Book 16: Preacher Myers

Preacher Myers - Story of the life of the Preacher who led Joe to the Lord back in 1951. Born in Wilkes County in 1914, Preacher Myers was a carpenter, cabinet maker, soldier in WWII, tent preacher and then was Pastor at 12 different churches for over 50 years. Preacher and Mrs. Myers have been married for 75 years. What a Godly couple they are! Read about their life, good times and hard times too. What a blessing they have been to people over all of these years. - $ 15.00


Book 20: West Yadkin

NEWSFLASH: Book released during news conference by Joe at West Yadkin School on 2-8-2011 ! Click here for more...

WEST YADKIN is the story of first high school located in western Yadkin County. The school opened on October 9, 1935 and operated for 32 years until consolidation in the fall of 1967. Dedicated teachers led by Mr. Ireland for the first ten years and then Mr. Wright for the last 21 years, helped provide excellent education at this country school. The book is filled with pictures of the 32 graduating classes and memories from graduates over the years, beginning with the nine graduates in 1936. The author graduated in 1959 and had four brothers and two sisters graduate between 1952 and 1967. Golden Eagle memories live on with excitement as we relive the good old days. - $ 20.00


Book 21: West Yadkin 2 - More Memories

WEST YADKIN 2 is the continuing story of the History and Memories of our school. The Girls basketball team, coached by Mrs. Geneva Chaffin Steelman, win the prestigious Winston Salem Journal and Sentinel Tournament in 1946. Great win with Mary Alice Casstevens leading the way. Boys basketball teams of 1953, 1954 and 1955 were best teams ever at WEST YADKIN. Baseball team of 1960 finished second in state. 220 pictures and newspaper clippings of the good memories. Many great stories about the good old days at WEST YADKIN, and also touching stories of our graduates on the front lines in World War II. Read and relive the good old days of the WEST YADKIN family! - $ 20.00


Book 22: West Yadkin 3 - Teachers & More

WEST YADKIN 3 Still more history and memories of WEST YADKIN High School. We feature our dedicated teachers, as we go way back to the old one room schools where many of our teachers taught. We cover the legends, Mrs. Wishon, Mr. Madison and many more. The book closes with a feature on one of WEST YADKIN High School's greatest pitchers ever,
Tommy Wilmoth. It has been fun over the past year as one book turned into three books. Thank you WEST YADKIN for all of the
memories. - $ 20.00


Book 26: Old Mill of Guilford

Old Mill of Guilford - The OLD MILL OF GUILFORD is a historic landmark, going back to 1767. It is one of the oldest continuously running Grist Mills in America, possibly the oldest. Legend says that General Cornwallis' Red Coat troops shot the miller and took possession of the mill on their way to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781. Follow the area's battles in the War for Independence as General Greene uses strategy to outfox General Cornwallis. All owners of the mill for the 250 year period are covered, from Daniel Dillon who built the mill to current owner Amy Klug. Enjoy the journey! - $ 15.00


American Dream Series

Book 1: Memories: Farm Days, Farm Ways (1941 - 1952)

The author's memories of his young days on the small family farm in Yadkin County, North Carolina. Life was hard, but life was good. Good Godly parents made sacrifices to provide for us. They taught us to work hard and to be thankful for the many blessings of God. - $ 15.00


Book 2: Little Farm On Brown Road (1952—1959)

The continuing story of life on the small tobacco farm in Yadkin County, North Carolina. Slowly the yougins grew up and left the farm for better opportunities at public work. - $ 15.00

Sequel to Memories: Farm Days, Farm Ways.


Book 3: Jobs, Dreams & Farewells (1959—1967)

The story continues with life after the farm, at public work and two years in the US Army. Joe works at various jobs to get the experience which would help him later on in life. First son, Joey, is born in 1963. - $ 15.00

Sequel to Little Farm On Brown Road.


Book 4: The Job (1967—1974)

The continuing story of working to find the JOB that Joe had been looking for. He found the JOB and immediately became active in the management of the company and then bought the company in 1973. Second son, Daniel, was born in 1971. - $ 15.00

Sequel to Jobs, Dreams & Farewells.


Book 5: The Dream (1974—1985)

The continuing story of finally reaching the American Dream. We reached our five year plan to pay off the company debt on August 30, 1978. Joe becomes a pilot and flies various business trips to Texas, Ohio, New York and other places. We bought two other companies in 1985. Business was good. Our first daughter, Megan, was born in 1983. - $ 15.00

Sequel to The Job.


Book 6: Trials & Farewell (1985—1995)

The continuing story of the good times, trials and then the failing health of our Mom who died in 1995. Joe has his first Grandyoungin, Camerin, in 1986 and the second, Meredith, in 1991. Morgan, our youngest daughter, was born in 1994. God is good!!! - $ 15.00

Sequel to The Dream.


Book 7: Trying Times (1995—2006)

The continuing story of TRYING TIMES in the business world. Work is slower. Dad who appeared to be healthy, died suddenly in 2000 after a brief stay in the hospital. Joe is back to coaching as he coaches Morgan in Soccer. America is attacked by terrorist on September 11 2001. We are at War. Megan graduates from high school and then from Guilford Technical College and starts to work as a therapist. Megan marries Daniel James in 2004. Grandyoungins #3 and #4 are born, Leah in 2001 and Luke in 2003. Joe retires in 2004 and then shuts down his business in 2006 as many customers seem to be going offshore for their work. Efforts to sell the business has not worked out. - $ 15.00

Sequel to Trials & Farewell.


Hunting Creek Series

(Historic Adventure Novel Series)

Book 11: At Hunting Creek 1841—1856 (Book 1 of 4)

Book one in a Series of Four in Hunting Creek Series is about life 100 years before the author was born in western Yadkin County in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This book and the series is centered around Hunting Creek Mill and the surrounding farmers who tend the fertile soil near Hunting Creek. The Lee family and the Siegler family are close friends and would also strengthen that bond with Lee sons marrying Siegler daughters. Henry Lee realized his dream of working at Hunting Creek Mill at an early age of 12 years old. There are many adventures throughout this book. There are blizzards, highway robbers and plain old hard work just to survive on the farm. Where is the 'Hanging Maple Tree'? Justice is severe and final for the criminal who preys on the hard working people of Hunting Creek. - $ 15.00


Book 12: The War 1856—1865 (Book 2 of 4)

Book two in a Series of Four in Hunting Creek Series is about life in western Yadkin County, North Carolina just prior to and during the War Between the States, also known as the 'War of Northern Aggression'. There were new owners of Hunting Creek Mill as Henry Lee's dream continued. War began and the 28th North Carolina Infantry Regiment represented our state well. Yankee unionists burned Hunting Creek Mill in 1862. General Robert E. Lee and General 'Stonewall Jackson' led the South to key victories before the undermanned Confederate forces were worn down. The death of General Stonewall was a costly loss for the South. Cousin Frank Lee returned to Hunting Creek as a Doctor along with Yankee Doctor Peele. Cousin Joel Lee did not return alive. The Hunting Creek Mill was rebuilt in 1865 with the help of the whole community. Life returned to somewhat normal. - $ 15.00

Sequel to At Hunting Creek.


Book 13: The Mill 1865—1886 (Book 3 of 4)

Book three in a Series of Four in Hunting Creek Series is about life after the most destructive and costly war in our history. We still have Yankee occupation with high taxes, scalawags and carpetbaggers. Life is rough as many small farmers lose everything. Henry Lee has the Mill running again. Trying times continue as the Lee family and the Siegler Family has to help clean up the robbers from off the roads to the tobacco market in Winston. Hunting Creek now has three Doctors as Robert Lee becomes a Doctor after his younger brother David was shot and killed by robbers. David had been studying to be a Doctor. - $ 15.00

Sequel to The War.


Book 14: The Doctors 1886—1905 (Book 4 of 4)

Book four in a Series of Four in Hunting Creek Series is about life in the Hunting Creek community of western Yadkin County, North Carolina after Yankee occupation is over and North Carolina is once again a state. We lose a Doctor as Doctor Peele dies, but we also gain another one as John Henry Lee, Henry's Grandyoungin, is doctoring. We have droughts and floods as well as years of bountiful crops. The Siegler family and the Lee family lose their parents as they die, leaving behind a solid heritage and four generations of hard workers. Doctors Robert and John Henry face an influenza epidemic at Union Grove and then an Influenza-Fever epidemic at Buck Shoals. These two talented Doctors, along with Doctor Frank, develop vaccines to prevent a more disastrous epidemic. Hunting Creek is blessed with good Doctors as well as a community of good hard working people. The Hunting Creek posse rescues Doctor Robert from three thugs who had robbed the Mill and kidnapped him. Also there is the 'Miracle Baby' that Doctor Robert rescues and then adopts the baby. Doctor John Henry saves a life at the Buck Shoals swimming hole. Hunting creek is not perfect, but it is my place to live! - $ 15.00

Sequel to The Mill.


Buck Shoals Series

(Historic Adventure Novel Series)

Book 17: At Buck Shoals (Book 1 of 3)

AT BUCK SHOALS is Book one in the Buck Shoals Series of three books about life over 125 years before the author was born. This book is about life around Buck Shoals Mill, located on Hunting Creek in Yadkin County, North Carolina. The Hayes family are farmers. Twin boys are born and they dream big early in their childhood. One of the twins wants to be a Circuit Judge, while the other wants to become a Medical Doctor. Elijah and Elisha Hayes work hard and at an early age realize their dream. Buck Shoals is proud of their young dreamers. - $ 15.00


Book 18: Judge Hayes (Book 2 of 3)

Judge Hayes is Book two in the Buck Shoals Series of three books about the life of the Hayes family in the early 1800's in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Judge Hayes replaces the legendary Judge Hudson, his mentor, and holds court in Statesville and throughout the circuit in the surrounding counties. Doctor Hayes travels the area from Buck Shoals to Windsors Cross Roads and Union Grove. The good Doctor also is called of the Lord to become a Preacher of the Gospel. The twins have close calls in the rough winter weather as they travel in their work. - $ 15.00


Book 19: Doctor Hayes (Book 3 of 3)

Doctor Hayes is Book three of three books in the Buck Shoals Series, continuing the life of the Hayes family in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Doctor Campbell, Doctor Elisha's mentor, dies after many years of service in the Buck Shoals, Union Grove and Windsors Cross Roads area. Brother William becomes a Doctor to help. Judge Elijah also gets help as Brother James becomes a Judge and holds court in Sparta. Hayes grandyoungins become Doctors in Yankee prisons during the War Between the States. After the war, there are Hayes Doctors and Judges all over the foothills. - $ 15.00


Wilkes Series

(Historic Adventure Novel Series)

Book 27: The Promise (Book 1 of 3)

Story of life in Wilkes County in the foothills and mountains of North Carolina during the 1700s. Covers the life of two close friends during their time in the Patriot Army, fighting for the freedom of their country from British rule of tyranny. The Promise was made. Could the Promise be kept through the bloody war? - $ 15.00


Book 28: Moravian Falls (Book 2 of 3)

Continuing story of life at 'The Falls' after the American War of Independence is over and life is back to normal for Jake Myers and his wife, Linda. They now own and run Grandpa Thomas' mill. Best friend, Dean King marries Jake's sister, Rachel and become a Doctor. The two friends become leaders in the Wilkes County Militia to insure that justice is always served. - $ 15.00


Book 29: Wilkes County (Book 3 of 3)

Continuing story of life at the Falls and the surrounding area of Wilkes County, North Carolina. Jake is busy at the mill while Dean has his Doctor's practice going full blast. Both of these dedicated citizens of Wilkes County are still involved with the Wilkes County Militia. George Washington is the first president of the United States, followed by Adam, Jefferson and Madison. The War of 1812, or the Second War of Independence, is fought with the British and won by the United States. - $ 15.00


Other Books

Book 10: JJ (2005 - 2007)

The story of our family pet, two year old, white Maltese dog, JJ, who won over Joe who was opposed to a house dog. JJ was forever at his master's feet to quickly win him over. Sadly JJ died with cancer after a one week battle with the dreaded disease. What a sad time it was at the Brown house. -$12.00

Sequel to Trying Times.


Book 15: Hanes Lady Dragons—The Champs

Hanes Lady Dragons - The Champs is Coach Joe's story of an amazing soccer team that he helped coach in 2008. This team is at the top of the list on teams Joe has coached over the past 48 years. In the fall of 2008, the Lady Dragons went 8-0-1, scoring 42 goals while allowing 0 goals to win the championship. We beat arch rival Jefferson, who had not lost in 6 years. Read about how this group of all-stars played together to accomplish our goal. Congratulations, HANES LADY DRAGONS! You are the champs! - $ 15.00